What Is A Brand?

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If you didn’t get anything out of this video or simply didn’t feel like watching it, I want you to know that EVERYTHING you do & EVERY move your brand makes (big or small) will have an impact on how they feel towards your brand.

Yes, I believe that it is important for my brand to stand out. But, in order to do so, I must fully understand what a brand is. My brand is my reputation! How do I want people to feel when they see my logo or hear the name?

EVERYTHING I do will influence those feelings. I see brands just like how I see other people. Why? Because whenever you meet someone, you start making these impressions and mental notes based on how they look and the things that they say & do. But, as time goes by, things may change based on the moves (actions) that the person makes. You may add some things & delete others based on what a person does & how they make you feel over a certain period of time.

IT WORKS THE SAME WAY WITH BRANDS! Everything I do & say will influence how people think & feel about my brand! Which means that EVERY interaction is a brand building opportunity. Whenever people see my ad, visit my site, or see my name they are interacting with my BRAND.

So, What is a brand? It’s NOT my name, website, logo, taglines, personality, values, franchising, services, or advertising. My brand is ALL of the things because they are the tools used to influence how people feel about my company. But, my brand is built by my ACTIONS!


& how I communicate that promise will determine how others feel towards my brand

ORAL-B Is Remarkable By Honoring Fathers Day

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Over the past few weeks ORAL-B has been expanding their audience by connecting with fathers & pushing how important they are in this world. Instead of ORAL-B honoring themselves, they took the time out to use their most recent campaign to connect with fathers all over the world & have been doing an excellent job.

I feel that it’s important for brands (big or small) to show their audience (consumers) how much they mean to them & how important they are to them by honoring them within their overall strategy.

Selling A Story That Makes People Feel Special

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The best stories don’t teach people anything new. Instead, they remind them about how right they were in the first place. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you are aligning your story with the right audience. You want to make sure that your “worldview” fits. Try to make your audience feel important, & you do this by keeping them involved with every move that you make. You want to connect with their emotions & capture their hearts. *People by based off of their emotions, so how you make them feel, determines whether or not they buy it.

3 Important Questions That ALL Brands Should Consider

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3 key questions

  1. Who Are You Targeting? Study your audience & get to know them extremely well. Where do they spend most of their time? What channels are they using to communicate? How much time is being spent there? What are there they talking about? The better you know & understand your audience, the easier it becomes to get the their attention. Pick a very small, but valuable audience. Why? Because the world is very noisy & there’s too much going on. Make sure that your vision/message, aligns with the audience you are targeting.
  2. Why Are You Important To Them? Apple is important to me because of the way that each of their products make me feel. None of their competitors give me the feeling that they do. With apple I feel like a rebel & even smarter in a way.
  3. How Will You Do It? How will you pick & tell each of the stories that you decide to deliver? Will you move with the seasons? (holidays, events, etc. ) Or will you go off of what is going on in the world? Depending on what type of brand you are, each storytelling technique will be different.


The Power Of Thinking Small

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Focus intensely on your target audienceYour opportunity lies in finding a neglected worldview, framing your story in a way that this audience will focus on it & go from there. Just think about how the biggest brand became so large. Nike for example: They make clothing for ATHLETES, but because of how they tell communicate each story, people all over the world wants to be apart of it. Nike doesn’t target your normal everyday people, they target ATHLETES, but create stories with morals that everyday people could relate to. DON’T target the world, focus intensely on a small audience that shares the same “worldview” as you. You have to have values & create story morals that will convince your target audience on why they should believe in you (& not your competitors). Study your audience & focus intensely on creating those stories that will get them to become emotionally attached to your brand.

3 VITAL marketing tips that ALL small businesses should consider:

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     1. Who are your consumers?  

         This may sound obvious, but it is one of the most overlooked parts of marketing that startups should consider before anything! Marketing succeeds when it gets the attention of the people who share the same “worldview” as you. Which is what you & your consumers believe to be the truth. Once you figure out how to do so then we move to Step 2.

      2.  Why are you important to them?

Consumers could care less about what they need nowadays. Everything & everyone is out to get what they want, how they want it! You have to figure out what it is that stands out about your product/service & GIVE THEM MORE OF IT! Become an expert at figuring out what they love about you and find even better ways to get their attention.

    3. How will you do it?

Marketing is all about telling stories & how you tell your story is vital to whom you’re targeting! Figure out where your targeted consumers are spending most of their time and how you can deliver your story in a unique way that it fits right in with their “worldview”.

3 Tips On Cutting Through The Noise

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  1. FIND THE SMARTEST PEOPLE YOU CAN! Try finding those who truly care for their craft & have a full understanding of how things work. If you don’t have enough $$ to hire them, then find an intern just as great who’d be willing to work just to learn, & try rewarding them with other things (letters of recommendation, awards, food, etc.)
  2. FOCUS INTENSELY ON YOUR NICHE! What is it that you have to offer to your target audience that no other competitor does? I don’t mean the facts or features! I mean honoring certain morals & values! How will you show your consumers that you truly care for them? Try creating each story & strategy around your audience based on your values.
  3. WORKING SMARTE ( & HARDER)! If you’re just starting out, it may take a while to get your story heard. But, if you take each step strategically, study, & really get to know your audience (consumers) & show them how important they are to you, your stories will spread . . . FAST!  

3 Ways To Keep You Marketing Simple.

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Engage them eomtionally

Engage them eomtionally

  1. TALK TO PEOPLE. Deliver your stories that are built around them are the best ways to show your audience (consumers) how much truly care & appreciate them.
  2. TALKING WITH PEOPLE. We talk with each other via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Telephone, etc. Meaning wherever your targeted audience is interacting, GO WITH THEM! Transform your story so that it respects & fits whichever platform or form of communication your audience is most interactive with.
  3. BE HUMAN! Speak so that your message can be understood by everyday people & do so with EMOTION (not facts). Humans don’t want to hear the facts (they’ll find out later). What they want from you is a true story that makes them feel important & takes them to a special place.