7 Questions To Ask When Creating Facebook Mico-Content

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1. Is The Text Too Long? Is it provocative, entertaining, or suprising?

I don’t want to bore people to death with my 160+ word paragraphs on Facebook! I don’t believe that people go on Facebook to read about your company & its fact Humans want to be entertained, they want to feel special, & have a good time learning about your brand. So, we must keep things short, straight to the point, & most of all I believe that it must be compelling!

2. Is the Photo Striking & High Quality?

“QUALITY IS KING!” Your photo must deliver a unique message that creates an experience that your audience can always expect from you.

3. Is the logo Visible?

Of course I don’t want the content to be all about me, but I do want my audience to know who created that unique experience & where they can always come to get it.

4. Have We Chosen the Right Format for the Post?

5. Is the call to Action in the right place?

What is my purpose for creating the content? I must make my call to action clear & in the correct place in order for my audience to have a clear understanding of what the message is.

6. Is it interesting in any way, to anyone?

7. Are we asking too much of the Person consuming the Content?

I must keep all of my content CLEAR & simple. Why? Because once a human sees that I’m asking for too much, they’ll ignore whatever else it is that I have to offer. I try not to ask for too much & always give more than what’s expected.



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