How @BarackObama & His Team Were Excellent Storytellers!

The Storytellers

Even though some may call him a terrible president, after watching this video, I had to admit that President Obama did a remarkable job by connecting to the American audience! I don’t believe that he won because he was black or because he’s a “liar”. I believe that President Obama won because he told a story that the everyday American can relate to & he made people feel special! Barack Obama knew from the beginning that in order for him to win, was to connect with his audience in a way that he knew his competitors (Alan Keyes, Hilary Clinton, John McCain)

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2 thoughts on “How @BarackObama & His Team Were Excellent Storytellers!

  1. Branding needs to become an effective 100% operation. Yes, President Obama gets it right some of the time, but the negative perception is down to too many errors on the part of Obama and his team.


    1. I completely agree with you Alex & thanks for the comment. :) You’re right, that’d be a good idea to discuss how his negative perception is what destroyed most of his campaigns.


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