3 Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid

The Daily

1. Give your ALL, Before you receive!

Lately, I’ve seen LOTS of small businesses creating 90% of content that was ALL about THEM & buying their products! How do you expect someone to buy your product if you don’t even take the time out to create an experience that makes your audience feel good about buying the product. NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING! I honestly believe that before you even think about asking someone to buy your product, you should first honor them, create some emotional moments with your audience, & most importantly take the time out to FULLY understand what they want and how they interact, in order to properly approach them.

2. No Spam!

Please STOP sending me direct messages on twitter telling me to buy your product before you even make sure that your product is what I want! I HATE spam & will block you immediately once I receive it!

3. Create Stories!

I believe that the stories behind a brand & what brands share with the world has a monstrous impact on how the audience views the company. Meaning, if all you tweet, pin, & post about is your product & it’s latest features, NO ONE IS GOING TO LISTEN! Stories are what sell & how you communicate your story is what wins your audience’s attention.


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7 thoughts on “3 Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid

  1. There is a fine line between selling of product and content. I could put content on all day about news stories, then all I become is a news story twitter account. The content has to be in some manner connected to the brand and its products.


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