3 Tips On Cutting Through The Noise

The Daily


  1. FIND THE SMARTEST PEOPLE YOU CAN! Try finding those who truly care for their craft & have a full understanding of how things work. If you don’t have enough $$ to hire them, then find an intern just as great who’d be willing to work just to learn, & try rewarding them with other things (letters of recommendation, awards, food, etc.)
  2. FOCUS INTENSELY ON YOUR NICHE! What is it that you have to offer to your target audience that no other competitor does? I don’t mean the facts or features! I mean honoring certain morals & values! How will you show your consumers that you truly care for them? Try creating each story & strategy around your audience based on your values.
  3. WORKING SMARTE ( & HARDER)! If you’re just starting out, it may take a while to get your story heard. But, if you take each step strategically, study, & really get to know your audience (consumers) & show them how important they are to you, your stories will spread . . . FAST!  
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4 thoughts on “3 Tips On Cutting Through The Noise

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