Buildng Your Audience As A Small Business

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dont-be-a-leader In order to build your brand, I believe that you must be able to LEAD! But, in order to lead, I feel that brands should be human. Meaning, connecting with your audience on a daily basis just as another human being would. In order to do so, I must have a FULL understanding of my audience, their wants, and how they interact within each social media channel. Small businesses have a HUGE advantage  because larger companies are ran by commodities and NOT human beings. Marketing is storytelling & how well you can convince people to believe that story will play a major part. People buy based off of their emotions & depending on how you make them feel determines whether or not they buy. Keep your audience in mind within EVERY tweet, Facebook post, & pintrest pin! I believe that the more TIME you decide to invest in them, the bigger the reward. :-)

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