Facts Tell, Stories Sell!

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Stories Sell

No one’s gonna buy your product because of all of the facts you state or the cool features you love to point out. Since majority of the people in this world buy based off of their emotions, they’re going to decide which product makes them feel whatever feeling it is that they’re looking for. No one cares about how your features are better than its competitors or how your software is 15% better than your competitor. Brands have to get out of their shoes, get into your audiences’ shoes. How does my product better help my audience? Why should they listen to me? What makes me unique? How can I create those emotional moments to make them feel special? Brands should try to spend more time studying their audience and how they interact with their in order to put themselves in a better position. Just look at how Nike, Apple, H&M, & even Coca Cola have told some of the most remarkable stories. Stories are what spread, it’s all about how you form that story, who you communicate that story to.

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