What is a marketing kit

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Cole Jacobs:

I believe that ALL brands should have some sort of marketing kit with consumer research info & other materials that will contribute to helping them creating remarkable stories that will bring their consumer closer to your brand.

Originally posted on bitbizblog | Increase their financial flows:

Marketing kit – it sells the presentation of your products / services, either in general your company. The most important word here is “selling” because it is not created in order to inform, but to sell. Marketing kit serves to increase the conversion of your contacts with clients.

Marketing kit show during meetings, send out to potential customers, partners, and suppliers.

Thanks to various triggers marketing kit brings customers to the fact that they want to apply it to your company.

Marketing kit should include the following information:

  1. Material about the “differences.” Indicated differences company from competitors. Contains information on how to address the specific needs of consumers of goods or services. 
  2. Material with a list of products / services. You can create services for each service area or a separate page. 
  3. Case studies. With their help demonstrate how the product or service solved the problem, the problem of customers…

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