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Make Your Audience Dance!


 Instead of using an ordinary vending machine, Coke decided to go above & beyond by creating an emotional experience within! Their dancing vending machine in South Korea had people dancing for a chance to win a free Coke. The better the person danced, the more Coca Cola they won! The machine was also participated by one of the biggest Korean boy bands and if the person danced better they got more products!

I bet that most of those students will tell at least 5 other people and that this will be an experience that they will NEVER forget! But most importantly they won’t forget WHO gave them the experience. I love what Coca Cola did with the dancing machine & how they used guerrilla marketing to get their attention. Now students in South Korea will always think about the dancing machine whenever they see a Coke product.

“It’s all about how you make a person feel & depending on how they feel about the experience is what will come to mind whenever they interact with your brand.”

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Create a Simple, But Remarkable Experience.

Now, what’s more remarkable than seeing your name on a Coke bottle? In order for Coca Cola to reconnect with their audience in Australia they decided to get personal! Coke took their audience & brought them closer to their brand! They did everything from Coke bottles, t-shirts, vending machines, billboards, and even those crazy 18-wheelers that we see on the highway. With just this campaign alone Coca Cola received a 3% increase in sales, 870% increase in Facebook traffic, 12,000,000 social interactions, & 76,000 Coke cans shared in less than 3 months!

But, how can I do the same with my brand?

Depending on your targeted audience, all Coca Cola did in order to bring their audience closer to their brand was give them control over what they wanted to see on each Coke can! Not only does this give your audience control (which they love), but this gives them a chance to share their name & creativity with people all across their country! We humans love certain brands and love them even more when we can add our creativity to them! Coca Cola found a simply, but remarkable way to connect with their audience & more brands should think of certain small ways to create a unique experience with their audience. Ask yourself:  what is a simple way to bring my audience closer to my brand?

“People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”


Appeal To The Heart, Not The Mind

@Peets_Tweets tweeted: The first step to a perfect day. (credit: @thedressedchest) #Peets #Coffee

@Peets_Tweets tweeted: The first step to a perfect day. (credit: @thedressedchest) #Peets #Coffee

Once again, my audience doesn’t want to hear more about the facts & cool features about my product. People want to know how your brand can help them the way that they want it! No one cares if you know everything there is to know about your specific industry. Humans want a brand that will have an impact on their lives like no other. Meaning, it’s more about the emotion that your brad delivers to your audience. They want to know that they can always count on you to give them that special feeling of importance. For example: Peet’s Coffee & Tea (@Peets_Tweets) spends majority of their time replying to audiences’ tweets & creating experiences that the everyday coffee & tea lover can relate to! Instead of focusing on the boring fact about tea & coffee, they honored their audience instead.

Startup brands should put more of their energy into spreading the message to as many people as they can, but also being sure that you appeal to the heart of each human being! :D

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Simplicity is Beauty.

@PressCoffee tweeted: Baby feet and cappuccinos Happy Saturday!!!

@PressCoffee tweeted: Baby feet and cappuccinos Happy Saturday!!!

I don’t try to be EVERTHING to EVERYONE! I can’t! Well, maybe I can try, but I will never get a chance to accomplish anything. The world is too noisy to even attempt to be all in one. Why not choose one specific area to specialize in & focus intensely on that area? Being simple is clear & easy for people to understand. @PressCoffee ( ) is a locally owned & roasted coffee shop in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve won numerous awards & the tweet above obviously tells you one of the reasons why. @PressCoffee decides to focus intensely on their everyday coffee drinker & create an experience that all of them can relate to! I love it & hope that they continue to deliver these remarkable experiences! :)

Just think of J.K Rowling,  THE greatest best-selling author of all time (over 400 million copies sold), didn’t get there by focusing most of her energy into more than one main character. She started with Harry, his life, and focused 90% of her energy on things that would go on in his life. Yes, there were other characters, but none of them wouldn’t have came about if Harry’s life wasn’t the way it had been. I believe that when I focus all of my energy into giving ONE, other opportunities will form. But, not losing sight of the ONE that got me here is what will keep my brand going.

Another Example: Apple is one of the greatest electronic companies of all time! But, they didn’t get there just by focusing on their facts or features (even though they do it well). Apple became the greatest when they started to create an experience with the PC that no other brand did. Apple added color, emotion, and HUMANITY to the PC, which allowed them to appeal to a larger audience. Instead of focusing on the many facts & features, Apple chose to pick ONE within EVERY commercial or campaign they had, & added humanity to it, which made things simple.

Focusing intensely on ONE & allowing everything else to build around it is not only SIMPLICITY, but BEAUTY.


How @fireroastedcafe Ensures That Everyone Benefits From The Coffee Experience

@fireroastedcafe Retweeted: Wortley cafe is ready to serve you up- wine, beer, espresso, coffee, chocolate!

“Our mandate is to ensure everyone benefits from the coffee experience, from the grower to roaster to consumer.” (

I love it when companies tweet based on the interest of their audience. Fire Roasted Coffee is a leading edge coffee roastery in London, Ontario. What got my attention was how most of their tweets were retweets about things going on within their community. I believe that the best marketing is only done when you honor the audience & make your every single move based on them. That’s exactly what @fireroatsedcafe has been doing with their twitter. Each of their tweets somehows connects to their brand and honors their audience which is a reason why they’ve gotten thus far! :D

Beats By Dre Before The Game

I love how Beats by Dre took their brand & combined it with the everyday lives of many different people along their cultures. It’s astounding when brands tell stories that tap into the emotions of people all over the world! :-D By focusing on the lives of athletes & how they use music to prepare for each match, shows that beats by dre was try to bring athletes closer to their brand. This commercial has approximately 23 million views & obviously touched the emotions of many in less than ONE MONTH! That’s shows exactly where social media is headed & how powerful it will become.

Apple Doesn’t Focus on Facts or Features!

Instead of focusing on their facts or unique features. Apple’s marketing has become so successful because they focus on their AUDIENCE & they hardly even mention themselves! I strongly believe that when you GIVE to your audience, become consistent with it, & show them how much you truly care for them; the world is yours! In the video above, Apple was obviously honoring parents, but what makes it so amazing is that they are able to connect with their audience on a personal level. Even though apple is an electronic company, they still bring their products to different audiences through different stories that connect! I believe that you should NOT  focus on your facts or feature, but spend most of your time creating those unique emotional experiences that others can also connect with. REMEMBER, people buy based off of how they feel about your product or service, so if you spend more time getting to know them & get a full understanding of how you can contribute to their everyday lives; YOU CAN’T LOSE! :)


Creating Content That Connects To Your Brand

@Tullys_Shop Tweeted: The morning begins whether you like it or not. Might as well make it a healthy start.

@Tullys_Shop Tweeted: The morning begins whether you like it or not. Might as well make it a healthy start.


As my good friend Alex Jones ( told me  “I could put content on all day about news stories, then all I become is a news story twitter account. The content has to be in some manner connected to the brand and its products.” When it comes to creating content, I agree with what Alex said 100%. In order to create something authentic & memorable, it should connect to your brand. Use @Tullys_Shops for example, Tullys, is a handcrafted independent coffee company in Seattle. They used the everyday morning & created content that’s connected to their shop. It’s simple, clear, & remarkable! Any everyday person can relate to this, which is why I believe Tully’s will be THE biggest coffee shop in town. Nice job Tully’s! :-)


Why I Believe @CometCoffeeStl Is On To Something Great!

Comet Coffee Logo

Comet Coffee Logo

Even though the Saint Louis based, coffee & microbakery shop is only approaching it’s 2nd anniversary, I love how much time they take to honor their audience! I believe that the more time that a brand takes to connect with their audience is what gets them ahead of the competition. The more you give to your audience, show them how much you care, & bring them closer to your brand is how you build a SOLID relationship with them. If you take a look @CometCoffeeStl twitter, you’ll see how they include their audience in each post & they hardly ever mention themselves! They bring their consumers closer to their brand by showing them how their coffee & pastries can have a positive impact on their day. I believe that once @CometCoffeeStl continues to do more of what they already do, their audience will continue to grow! :-)

How @Tullys_Shops Brings Their Audience Closer To Their Brand!

Tullys Coffee


It’s stunning how not only is @Tullys_Shops  a coffee shop that interacts with their audience via Social Media, but they do so consistently, in a compelling way! @Tullys_Shops is a Seattle, WA based coffee shop & I believe that they will continue to grow if they continue to contribute MORE of what they already have. With each of their tweets, they interact with their audience and come up with unique ways to bring their brand into their customer’s everyday lives. I love how you guys show your consumers how much they mean to you & honor them on a daily basis. Marketing, especially in todays’ NOISY world, is all about finding your “niche” (best fitted) audience & tell them the stories that they want to hear. Tully’s is what I believe to be a model of how most companies should be when in comes to marketing! Thanks @TullysShops :-)