How Your Idea Can Be Useless

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Ideas are IMPORTANT, but what’s most important is the EXECUTION! People care more about how hard you work to getting your message out there. What are you willing to do? How much time are you willing to put into your brand? How many people are you willing to share emotions with? How many people are you willing to make feel special & express to them how important they are to your brand? I believe that the more energy you put into spreading the word about your brand, the more you get out of it. It sounds simple, but I can guarantee that most people don’t do it! It’s all about focusing intensely on accomplishing specific goals & not stopping until those goals are accomplished.

Let’s use my blog for example: I’ve set a goal to get at least 1,000 views for the month of August & at least 200 new followers! In order for me to accomplish both, I must get at least 36 views per day and 7 new followers per day! I’ve set specific goals to tweet at least 100 tweets per day, 30 guest blog comments, & 50 Google+ comments. I know that it may sound ridiculous, but I’m determined to prove to myself that I can BLOW AWAY this goal of 1,000 views in one month & 200 new followers!

If you truly believe in something, then putting in the effort shouldn’t be as complicated as people make it seem. I know for a fact that my blog is going to BLOW soon! It’s just a matter of EXECUTION & TIME for people to notice!

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Why Finding Your “Niche” Is So Important

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WE CAN’T BE EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE! I believe that it’s more powerful when you ignore the masses & focus intensely on the audience that is looking for you. By doing so, strategically & wholehearted, our innovators (consumers) will eventually spread the word to the masses (who will soon get it). Instead of trying to be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE, why not just focus on values & creating stories with morals that most people can relate to? I’m no electronic geek, but I sure do love Apple & will prefer just about any of their products. Why? Because of the story behind the brand, the way the product makes me feel, & the story that they communicate is true. If you could pick one underserved idea or subject to target (& dominate), what would it be?

“Forget about impressing masses, do what you love & the right people will find you.”


Creating Content That Connects To Your Brand

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@Tullys_Shop Tweeted: The morning begins whether you like it or not. Might as well make it a healthy start.

@Tullys_Shop Tweeted: The morning begins whether you like it or not. Might as well make it a healthy start.


As my good friend Alex Jones ( told me  “I could put content on all day about news stories, then all I become is a news story twitter account. The content has to be in some manner connected to the brand and its products.” When it comes to creating content, I agree with what Alex said 100%. In order to create something authentic & memorable, it should connect to your brand. Use @Tullys_Shops for example, Tullys, is a handcrafted independent coffee company in Seattle. They used the everyday morning & created content that’s connected to their shop. It’s simple, clear, & remarkable! Any everyday person can relate to this, which is why I believe Tully’s will be THE biggest coffee shop in town. Nice job Tully’s! :-)


Facts Tell, Stories Sell!

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Stories Sell

No one’s gonna buy your product because of all of the facts you state or the cool features you love to point out. Since majority of the people in this world buy based off of their emotions, they’re going to decide which product makes them feel whatever feeling it is that they’re looking for. No one cares about how your features are better than its competitors or how your software is 15% better than your competitor. Brands have to get out of their shoes, get into your audiences’ shoes. How does my product better help my audience? Why should they listen to me? What makes me unique? How can I create those emotional moments to make them feel special? Brands should try to spend more time studying their audience and how they interact with their in order to put themselves in a better position. Just look at how Nike, Apple, H&M, & even Coca Cola have told some of the most remarkable stories. Stories are what spread, it’s all about how you form that story, who you communicate that story to.

Buildng Your Audience As A Small Business

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dont-be-a-leader In order to build your brand, I believe that you must be able to LEAD! But, in order to lead, I feel that brands should be human. Meaning, connecting with your audience on a daily basis just as another human being would. In order to do so, I must have a FULL understanding of my audience, their wants, and how they interact within each social media channel. Small businesses have a HUGE advantage  because larger companies are ran by commodities and NOT human beings. Marketing is storytelling & how well you can convince people to believe that story will play a major part. People buy based off of their emotions & depending on how you make them feel determines whether or not they buy. Keep your audience in mind within EVERY tweet, Facebook post, & pintrest pin! I believe that the more TIME you decide to invest in them, the bigger the reward. :-)

Schlafly Makes Beer Fun! :)

Coffee & Beer, The Cornerr

As you can see on the Saint Louis based brewery-restaurant makes beer fun! Schlafly Brewery is a prime example of how ANY local brewery-restaurant can create those unique emotional experiences by sticking to it’s core values. From what I saw on their website (, their main focus has been to make great beer and food in a fun atmosphere and enjoy it with their community! & they’ve been doing so for 22 years! I spotted them on their twitter @Schlafly & I was astonished when I saw how involved they were within the Saint Louis community! Schlafly makes sure that they include their within EVERY move they make & most of all they do this CONSISTENTLY. They’re brand also does more than just make beer fun. Schlafly, is a part of their audience’s everyday lives & is actively participates in community activities. Successful storytelling (marketing) is done remarkable once you tap into the emotions of your audience & Schafly Brewery is doing so! :)




One Philosophy that ALL Companies Can Learn From Apple!

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apple marketing philosophyYes, Apple is hands down, on of THE greatest companies of all TIME! But, what makes them so great? Some people would say that because of how amazing their products are, easy to use, they last longer, they tell you what you need to know, etc. But, I believe that what has gotten Apple this far is how much they understand their audience & what they WANT. Since they have a full understanding of their audience, it is easier for them to create compelling commercials, & remarkable products! As you can see, in each commercial I’ve shown, they’ve targeted a different group of people & focused on how their product has had an emotional impact on their lives! I feel that more electronic companies should focus and give more of their attention to their audience. Why not figure out what they want, how they want it, and create that emotional experience based on that within my brand?